Work Culture

At NIC House, we keep exploring new paths to provide the best value to all our internal and external customers. We consider people as our biggest asset and believe in creating long term relationships by nurturing talent from within. A fast-growing, forward-looking organization like ours, demands HR to be a key responsibility area of our core management team. Our HR team constantly explores ways to enhance and augment the knowledge base and productivity of all NIC House by providing various learning and development Programs. Our three tier Leadership Development program helps all star performers to grow and develop their managerial skills to become effective mentors for their teams and thereby take on the next level of responsibility effectively. Ours is a winning team of highly determined, motivated, and adaptable people, all working diligently to take NIC House's exciting success story forward.

Why you should work with us?

Fast paced, enriching career with exposure to best business practices
Fair compensation & opportunities for growth / promotion based on merit
Vibrant work culture and opportunities for training, recreation and social interaction
Progressive HR policies with an open door approach and proactive processes to maintain high morale
Security of employment, subject to minimum acceptable performance

HR Philosophy

At NIC House, People come first. Along with our customers, our employees are equally vital to our organization. The Business of HR is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit – whereby NIC House can operate with ownership as an entrepreneur (profit center) within the confines of their job role and earn over and above their fixed salaries. We believe in inculcating a sense of responsibility and ownership in all NIC House which brings out the entrepreneurial zeal to explore potential within as well as beyond job boundaries.

Our HR Philosophy is to engage employees at professional, emotional and material levels.

We aim to create an environment conducive to both personal and professional development of the employees, leading to a productive and happy work force
NIC House believes that people impact business and therefore each and every NIC House is a key resource and a valuable asset
Our business philosophy of being transparent in all our dealings with our customers, is equally applicable in dealings with employees
We encourage initiative, provide professional freedom and empower NIC House based on trust

Leader Academy

Learning is a continuous process at NEDM. We identify the strengths of employees and design training programs to build their strong points and overcome their shortcomings. We prepare our employees for future positions with training and by encouraging the learning process. This helps them to move towards their career objectives efficiently.
We also employ various people development initiatives like E-learning opportunities for functional & behavioral skills through video conferences and through our employee portal.
Our E Wise – Be wise Program provides every NIC House’s employee with 24x7 access to all relevant information about NIC House. This encourages employees at all levels to upgrade their knowledge constantly and apply their learning in the day to day work to achieve high productivity and customer satisfaction levels.


Team HR at NIC House works effectively to create a work environment and performance culture that fosters team spirit and enhances employee productivity through motivation and positive ambition. Our HR team is continually working to rationalize and restructure measures to ensure better employee relationship management, employee communications and relations, recruitment and training need analysis; program design and implementation, performance evaluation and other work-life initiatives.

Proud To Be NIC House

“We Don’t Just Build Careers...We Build Lives” Testimonials from employees about what makes them to be proud to be an NIC House and how this organization has made a difference to their lives….

Lalit Sah (Executive – Operations)

Proud-to-be-a-NIC House, there are several aspects that bring this feeling. The values of NIC House that have a major impact are Service Orientation, Transparency, and Quality Mindset. When we receive appreciation on the same by our clients, it makes us happy & encourages us to work the same way and cherish our work.
The various aspects of NIC House Culture that has a major appeal and encourage me to perform during my tenure are firstly the training provided to me & constructive feedback received from my seniors to enhance my performance. Also, I appreciate the fairness of policies & procedures followed by NIC House. Also, the freedom & openness to the ideas & suggestions contributed from my side. Also, the process driven approach towards work help us work systematically.
The infrastructure & resources provided to us to do our job well creates an environment that makes us comfortable. We feel cared for & valued as a team member working in NIC House. While working in NIC House, they make us feel that the work done by us adds value to the organization. And lastly the image & value associated with NIC House brand makes me proud to be part of this organization.

Ajit Singh (Business Manager)

In am proud to be a NIC House because of transparency of our organization for giving me path for next level of growth. I joined this company as a Sales Executive. In the first 3 months I achieved my targets and was soon promoted as a Team Leader. Within a short span of 6 months, I was promoted as a Business Manager heading my Branch. The recognition of work performance is a significant as aspect of NIC House’s work culture. As an example I have received a trophy for outstanding performance from the senior management. I am very happy to be a part of the NIC House family.

Core essence of PMS

The core essence of PMS is to build and strengthen the team member’s ‘Connect’ with NIC House through
1. Enrolling the team member to NIC House’s vision
2. Meaningful engagement
3. Meaningful dialogue
4. Openness to give and receive feedback
5. Compliment achievements
6. Focus on the team member’s growth to enhance performance
The whole focus of PMS is to look for goodness in a person. The onus is on the managers to look for that goodness, identify strengths and try to create a role around strengths rather than getting bogged down with weaknesses. The Performance Management System at NIC House has reduced manual intervention to a minimal level. The fully integrated online system uses sophisticated tools such as national and regional stack ranking, performance bands and rank based recommendations. All this is supported through one-on-one interactive feedback & coaching session with team. Performance credits are received for exceeding expected targets and there are equal opportunities for all employees to earn rewards with no upper limits. Performance credit structures have been worked out differently for various categories of employees.